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WIKIPEDIA: Enterprise architecture is a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a holistic approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy.

GARTNER: Enterprise architecture is the process of translating business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change by creating, communicating, and improving the key principles and models that describe the enterprise's future state and enable its evolution.

FORRESTER: Enterprise architecture consists of the vision, principles and standards that guide the purchase and deployment of technology within an enterprise.

THE OPEN GROUP: Enterprise architecture is a discipline that helps the enterprise define, develop and exploit the capabilities in order to achieve the enterprise’s strategic Intent. An ‘enterprise’ is any collection of organizations that has a common set of goals and/or a single bottom line.



    What to look for in an Enterprise Architecture Tool
enterprise architecture tools requirements

This article provides some of the key requirements you would want to look for inside an enterprise architecture tool. Please note that we are an EA tool vendor and will be highlighting features or requirements based on our experience and practical knowledge.

Essentially there are 4 parts of the puzzle and will define key requirements for each part. You can easily expand this list with double the amount of requirements but the list for us represents the key requirements an enterprise architecture tools should support.

First there are a few foundational pieces we believe are applicable as requirements for enterprise architecture tools:
- Cloud based repository so the repository can be accessed from anywhere
- Should be fully web-based with support for all major browsers and operating systems
- Support for touch screen & tablets
- Limited to no training required, tool should be intuitive to use with built in wizards
- Responsive UI design

Secondly there is the practice side of enterprise architecture:
- Ensure the product has support for the EA framework you are choosing to adopt, the tool should make it easier to align to this framework
- Ability to standardize architecture outputs as part of project deliveries, manage templates and improve consistency of EA outputs within projects
- Support for the architecture governance function, a key piece of what EA is all about.

The third piece of the puzzle is the repository side:
- All information should be captured in a single integrated repository
- Support for inventory management like functions such as an application portfolio view or standards management.

The fourth and final piece is also a critical piece to the overall success of EA. The ability to share content out of your EA repository:
- Ability to produce business friendly models and diagrams from the tool, visual insights are a core EA product of how insight is delivered.
- Reporting & analysis reports, another key piece of how to get value out of an EA tool, understand dependencies, impact analysis, data quality and other reporting insights

Hope this helps you in your EA journey. Just remember that an EA tool should make things easier, not add another obstacle to your EA journey. {Also read: Reasons why EA initiatives fail}

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